Irish Horse
Free access to attend the World Horse Welfare conference
Helen Sharp
'Whose opinion matters?' asks World Horse Welfare as they invite you to register free of charge to their annual conference.
15 September 2021 Education
‘Do not panic, do not worry’
Freshers’ Week; a smorgasbord of events organised with the sole purpose of introducing you to all your fellow first years, those introductions can spark a lifetime of friendship. Writes Fiona Alston
9 September 2020 Amii
Your life, your body and no room for complacency in protecting it
With students about to embark on the all new college experience, there are lots of things to consider - both social educational and once again people will be found to adapt. Writes Amii McKeever
For my Dad, a coursing derby final has always been part of a dream
Animal welfare and field sports will continue to be contentious. Debate will continue. This is important as improvement is important. For activists though, Amii McKeever asks what is the end game?
19 February 2020 Amii
I feel I am not cut out for the reality of farming life
Dear Miriam, I feel I am not cut out for the commercial reality of farming life and am struggling to cope.
24 October 2018 Ask Miriam
A nation divided by meat
If we all turned vegan tomorrow, how much would it cost to make affected farmers redundant and who’d pay for it? Damien O'Reilly ponders our carnivorous ways
31 January 2018 Damien O'Reilly
Calf rearing - a changing game
As the arrival of calves is eminent, Katherine O'Leary discusses what lies ahead and how some past scares will need to be prevented this year as new life graces the sheds.
24 January 2018 Katherine O'Leary
Greater focus coming on animal welfare
Farmers in NI will have to be alive to the issue of animal welfare.
8 November 2017 News
Hospital visits
Visiting family and friends in hospital is very important but are you sticking by the rules when turning up at the bedside? Margaret Hawkins reports on the dos and don’ts of hospital visiting
18 October 2017 Health
Compulsory CCTV for English factories sets 'a new statutory standard'
For many meat factories CCTV is already in place to satisfy customers. However, it is the cost of mistreating animals that is the best guarantee of the highest animal welfare standards.
12 August 2017 News
Environment, welfare and perception top agenda in the Netherlands
The Agricultural Science Association study trip to the Netherlands learned how the Dutch are coping with changing environmental regulations. Eoin Lowry reports.
7 June 2017 International
Castration more than a routine procedure
Farmers considering castrating older animals originally destined for bull beef systems should seek advice on castration methods. There is risk involved.
2 October 2016 World