Salmon of knowledge: farmers have a role to play in restoring freshwater systems
Janine Kennedy
Farmers are making good changes to help improve the health of our freshwater systems, which in turn can help restore our wild fish numbers.
24 May 2023 Features
Salmon of knowledge: are fish farms to blame for lower wild salmon numbers?
While there are issues with wild salmon fresh water habitats, it is understood that the majority of salmon mortality occurs when they are in the ocean. Why is this?
17 May 2023 News
Salmon of Knowledge: what is happening to our wild salmon population?
Once a prolific presence in our freshwater systems, wild salmon numbers have dropped drastically in just a few decades.
Home Nurse: nourishing the skin you are in
Suffering from dry skin? Nessa Robins shares two recipes to nourish your body from the inside out.
1 March 2023 Recipes
Will you be team sweet or savoury this Pancake Tuesday?
Neven Maguire shares two unique pancake recipes which are sure to please anyone on your Shrove Tuesday list.
15 February 2023 Neven