Containing two powerful chemicals, triclopyr and fluroxypyr, it ensures the most effective kill of the dock root system. Unlike dicamba-based products, it has the advantage of not affecting grass growth.

Ideal Timing

Chris Maughan, technical manager with Whelehan Crop Protection which distributes DoxstarPro on the Irish market, states that the ideal time to spray dock-infested silage swards is two to four weeks after nitrogen is applied when docks are at the perfect stage for an effective kill.

The docks should then be actively growing and be 15-25cm high or wide.

“It is important to have an interval of at least three weeks between spraying and cutting the silage. This will ensure that the chemicals get fully translocated down to the root system, a vital factor in achieving long-term control,” advised Chris.

Where dock-infested silage swards are due to be cut over the next three weeks, it is now too late to apply DoxstarPro and get an effective kill.

The advice from Chris is to cut the silage and spray after two to three weeks regrowth when the docks should be at the ideal stage for an effective kill.

Yield Losses

Docks can significantly devastate silage and grass swards. Even a moderate infestation will cut silage dry matter yield by at least a tonne/acre and severe infestations can cut yields by up to half.

Docks also have a negative impact on silage quality. In baled silage, the dock stems puncture the film, which can result in substantial wastage.

The roots can be up to a metre deep and a single mature dock mature produces up to 80,000 seeds. The seeds remain dormant in the soil for years and germinate when conditions are suitable.

Therefore, eliminating docks before silage is cut delivers big dividends in yield and quality and ensures a clean, productive sward for a subsequent silage cut or grazing.

Chickweed - a bigger problem this year

DoxstarPro is highly effective on chickweed, which is more prevalent this year.

There is a noticeable increase this year in the level of chickweed in silage and grazing pastures. This appears to be due to very tight grazing during last summer’s drought which resulted in a lot of chickweed seeds being disturbed.

These seeds germinated during the autumn and the chickweed continued to grow during the mild winter and spring.

DoxstarPro is highly effective on chickweed. It is also powerful on dandelions, which also appear to have increased this year.


Where chickweed is the dominant weed in a silage sward, PastorTrio is the ideal solution.

It contains the powerful active ingredient florasulam and the two tried and tested ingredients fluroxypyr and clopyralid, ensuring a very wide spectrum of weed control.

In addition to chickweed, it kills docks and dandelions and is also highly effective on a wide range of other weeds, including thistles, daisies and plantain.


Envy, the recently launched herbicide, is another effective option. Containing the two active ingredients fluroxypyr and florasulam, it is powerful on the same range of weeds as PastorTrio, with the exception of thistles.

As with DoxstarPro, both PastorTrio and Envy should be applied as a pre-harvest application when weeds are actively growing. There should be an interval of at least three weeks between application and silage cutting in order for the chemicals to be fully translocated to the root system of the weeds.

Mouse-eared chickweed in new swards

Mouse-eared chickweed is a problem in new swards sown last autumn. Both PastorTrio and Envy provide highly effective control.

There is evidence that mouse-eared chickweed is a significant problem in new swards that were sown last autumn.

“Mouse-eared chickweed differs from common chickweed as it contains many tiny little hairs on the leaves. These hairs can prevent the tiny spray droplets reaching the plant leaf cuticle,” said Chris.

Envy and PastorTrio, which contain both fluroxypyr and florasulam, are particularly effective on mouse-eared chickweed, in contrast to products that contain fluroxypyr only.

Your silage herbicide guide

  • If docks are the dominant weed in a silage sward, use DoxstarPro. It is also highly effective on chickweed and dandelions.
  • If weeds such as chickweed are the dominant problem, use PastorTrio. It also controls docks, dandelions, daisies, thistles and plantain.
  • Envy is powerful on the same range of weeds as PastorTrio, except thistles.
  • Both PastorTrio and Envy are effective on mouse-eared chickweed, a particular problem in new swards that were sown last autumn.
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