Social media has again provided us with a useful farm labour saver, this time through the medium of TikTok.

Scottish-based farmer Craig Limmond shared his family’s bespoke invention for feeding cows along a narrow passage using the farm diet feeder.

The ‘Limond Silo-Flow’ uses a system of pulleys and motors to move a belt along a feed passage that divides one of the farm’s cattle sheds.

The belt is retracted, with any refusals swept off of it either before retracting or as it enters its underground housing.

A Keenan diet feeder is then pulled up to the mouth of the belt housing, with a key sensor used to activate the pulley and drag the belt towards the top of the shed.

As it does so, the feed is deposited from the diet feeder on to the belt. Craig’s video can be seen below.

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Similar systems are popular on the continent for both cattle and sheep housing and could be an option for farmers operating out of smaller, narrower accommodation.