Calf-rearing costs up 44% since 2021
Declan Marren
Rising input costs have added €50/head to the rearing cost of calves over the last two years.
25 January 2023 Calves
Designing a calf shed: the key factors
Having correct housing for calves is one of the key elements in reducing calf mortality and driving daily liveweight gain.
25 January 2023 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: labour a challenge as calves hit the ground
We have continued to get some grass into the milking cows most days since calving, and with the mild weather we are leaving the main herd out most nights as well.
Feeding cows in the evening to delay calving at night
Some farmers find feeding cows late in the evening cuts down on the number of cows calving through the night.
24 January 2023 Management
TikTok farm hacks: ‘Limond’ conveyor belt silage feeder
The farmer has created a homemade conveyor belt to feed cows with a diet feeder in a passage less than 2m wide.
24 January 2023 Buildings
Knackeries row back on cut in services as talks continue with Department
Concerns were highlighted to the CCPC by the Irish SME Association about whether furnishing the Department with the individual costs of each knackery would fall foul of competition law.
18 January 2023 News
Labour-saving tips for lambing 2023
Getting preparation completed before lambing kicks off will help ease the workload when the time comes.
17 January 2023 Management
Five tips to prepare cows for spring calving
In the final weeks before calving gets under way, there a few jobs that will help prepare cows for calving this spring.
14 January 2023 Management
Enterprise Ireland firms see 'strong' climate and agri tech employment growth
More than two-thirds of the jobs created by Enterprise Ireland client firms in 2022 were based outside of Dublin.
10 January 2023 News
Ten January management tasks on livestock farms
Before the workload increases with lambing and calving, there are a few jobs that can be carried out to prepare for a busy spring.
4 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Watch: Twitter farm hacks for the new year’s break
The Twitter handle @farmhacks is back with innovative ideas for around the farm that you can complete over the bank holiday.
1 January 2023 Buildings
One of Ireland’s leading female butchers
Ciara Flavin, the first female graduate to complete the National Craft Butchers of Ireland apprenticeship, is now managing her father’s butcher shop, writes Sarah McIntosh.
28 December 2022 News