As harvest starts, don’t forget to apply for any outstanding schemes.

If you planted crops into grass, then you need to apply for the Tillage Incentive Scheme and if you planted mixed protein crops, then you need to apply for the Protein-Cereal Mix Crop Scheme.

Both schemes are open for applications until 20 July. You can apply for the schemes yourself by logging on to or by asking your adviser to do so.

The Irish Farmers Journal understands that farmers who planted beans, peas or lupins on their own do not need to apply for a scheme. They will be paid under the Protein Aid Scheme as usual.

Under the Tillage Incentive Scheme, farmers will be paid €400/ha where their land area planted to cereals, oilseed rape, maize and beet increases and this land has come out of grass.


For the purposes of the scheme, grass was defined as alfalfa, clover, fallow, grass (years one to five), grassmeal, hemp for food or industrial use, lucerne, miscanthus sinensis, permanent pasture, potatoes, red clover and willow.

Crops can also be under-sown with grass under the scheme and must be of a good commercial standard.

Originally, farmers who increased their protein area and planted cereals, oilseed rape, maize or beet into grass saw the protein area deducted from the total increase in area, but the Department amended this in mid-April to ensure that those making an effort to increase tillage area were rewarded.

If you are on a mixed farm and produce silage, don’t forget to apply for the Fodder Support Scheme by 2 August on