Grass growth is slowly increasing, which means covers will start to build on the grazing block, as well as in silage swards.

Therefore, before covers get too strong, make a point of controlling perennial weeds in swards such as docks, thistles and chickweed.

Spraying weeds while covers are still on the low side will improve contact with the plant leaf. This will give a far more effective kill before weeds mature and start producing seeds.

Any potential check to grass growth after spraying is better off happening now, when growth rates are on the low side, rather than in late May or June when they are at peak growth.

When spraying for weeds, follow the correct dilution rate for chemicals to work at optimum levels.

Check the guidance on the product to ensure there is a suitable time period before cattle are allowed to graze swards after herbicide has been applied to control weeds.

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