Barry Mitchell is a tillage farmer in Kilberry, Co Meath, not far from the town of Navan.

Like the majority of tillage farmers at present, he is finding this year’s yield not as good as previously expected.

Crop is not yielding as well as we thought. We hoped around 4t/acre, but are only getting around 3.2t

Despite the letdown in the yield, Barry says straw is in great condition and plans to make bales, in addition to his tower variety of winter barley.

Barry’s brother Padraig operates one of the John Deere harvesters, while his son Gavin brings straw to the local Glanbia plant.

He says the good conditions of late are helping tillage farmers hugely, as it gives them the chance to get the job done in one day.


Barry says the only disappointment for farmers is the prices.

“Prices are down again from last year. But I’m hoping the reduction in yield around the country may bring about an increase for us.”

Video filmed and edited by Barry Cronin.