The National Ploughing Championships on Wednesday could not have been cancelled on Tuesday evening to save visitors the journey to Screegan, NPA managing director Anna May McHugh has said.

Speaking on Countrywide on RTE Radio 1 on Saturday morning, McHugh said the event could not have been called off earlier as the forecast at the time was giving the worst gusts from 6am to 9am on Wednesday.

“We were not in a position [on Tuesday night] to call it off from the advice we were getting,” McHugh said.

“We went on that with the possibility of opening to exhibitors and contractors at 10 or 10.30 that morning and then letting in the general public after that,” she added.

McHugh said that as the morning went it on and strong gusts continued for longer than forecast, it became clear that the event could not go ahead.

“Looking back, we made the correct decision. No one was injured,” she said.

Crowds at the National Ploughing Championships on Thursday. \ Philip Doyle.

On Thursday, Carlow TD Pat Deering told KCLR that it was his understanding that next year’s National Ploughing Championships were going to Carlow.

McHugh has since said that the venue for 2019 is yet to be confirmed and the announcement will be made at the presentation of trophies on Sunday 7 October.

“I thought it was totally in bad taste that anyone should steal the announcement of the National Ploughing Championships,” she said on RTE Radio 1 on Saturday.

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