Templemore Mart held a flyer of a milking cow sale on Saturday. Spring-calving cows scanned in-calf made €1,400 to €1,600 each.

The sale was a dispersal sale of 99 cows and young stock for the reps of the late John Scully from Knock, Roscrea, Co Tipperary. It was a very straight commercial herd with a mix of Holstein and Friesian genetics.

This 2017-born cow due to calve in mid-March 2021 was typical of the type of cow on offer and made €1,400.

This cow is due to calve mid-March and made €1,390.

This 690kg Friesian-cross cow born in 2015 sold for €1,500.

All cows were mainly February- and March-calving and scanned in calf with AI service dates estimated from February onwards. Herd EBI on average was €100, but there were many young cows around €130 to €150 EBI.

Young cows (second and third lactation) were freely making €1,400 to €1,600 each. There were no buyers in the ring as it was all online. One of the highest prices of the day was €1,960 for a 2017-born cow that was Lot 4 into ring.

The few older cows (born 2012 and 2013) made €900 to €1,100 each.

Maiden heifers born March and April 2020 made between €780 for the heavier (250kg heifers) down to €550 for the lighter (150kg) heifers.

March 2020 born lots weighing 250kg back to 150kg each sold from €780 each for the heavier heifers and down to €550 for the very lightest heifers that were born in late April 2020.

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