With the National Ploughing Championships cancelled this year, thousands of people are dreading the thought of actually having to purchase a packet of biros.

We take a look at 15 characters you will be sure to come across at the National Ploughing Championships each year.

1: The family that has travelled for six hours

They got up at the crack of dawn and have arrived at the Ploughing site before any of the locals. They will proceed to inform everyone they meet what time they left and and how long their journey was.

2: The TY students

You will usually see them hanging around the carnival area or in the O'Neills tent. They have somehow managed to convince their school that they are responsible enough to attend the event, which leads to our third charater.

3: The stressed-out teacher

He or she can be usually spotted with their head in their hands, standing in the car park trying to locate students that were due to arrive back to the bus an hour earlier.

4: The mammy who has packed the sandwiches

There is no way this woman is going to let her precious offspring indulge in a burger from one of the chipper vans.

5: The lurch

A person who will spend their day hanging around the RTÉ tent trying to get a selfie with Nuala Carey or Ryan Tubridy.

6: The die-hard ploughing fans

You won't catch these lads or ladies in the commercial side of the event. They will spend their days down at the ploughing plots, discussing who has bought a new plough and whose plot is the best.

7: The Aldi hat-wearer

This person will go around the event with not one, but possibly two or three Aldi stetsons on their head. Sure they have to bring something home for the children!

8: The GAA fans:

You can usually spot these people walking around with a new hurl in their hand or an O'Neills bag, after purchasing the latest jersey. They are likely to wait over an hour for a selfie with Joe Canning or the Liam McCarthy Cup.

9: The Ploughing jivers

They will spend their day moving around the tents and bandstands, trying not to miss Derek Ryan or Mike Denver performing.

10: The machinery children

Whether they are 10 years old or 50 years old, the Ploughing Championships is the haven for all machinery lovers. They will spend their day walking the rows of new machinery again and again, sitting up into any machine they can, tyre-kicking forever.

11: The livestock crew

These lads and ladies can be found sitting in the livestock tents, drinking tea while taking pleasure in others admiring all their hard work, be it sheep or cattle.

12: The ag science students

They will go around the event trying to gather as many leaflets as they can for their sixth year project. They will proceed to take photos of any livestock or machinery they come across.

13: The bargain hunter

A person who usually arrives to the show in the afternoon, trying to convince stall holders that it is getting late in the day and they should sell their products for considerable discounts to try to get rid of them.

14: Captive in the beer tent

Someone who went into the Seamus Moore tent to listen to one song and ended up drinking a few pints by complete accident. Now they will have to find someone to drive the car home.

15: The person who can't find their car

Without a doubt, this has to be the most common thing that happens at the Ploughing each year. Usually consists of one person being "sure" where the car is parked, leading to hours of car hunting.

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