ICMSA demands retailers' milk and butter price drops are self-funded
Rachel Donovan
ICMSA want retailers’ confirmation that reduction in milk and butter prices will be “entirely” funded out of retail margins.
3 May 2023 News
Supermarkets slash butter prices by 12%
Retailers have announced butter price cuts after announcing milk price cuts over the weekend.
2 May 2023 News
Slight drop in food price inflation
Kantar’s Irish food price inflation fell slightly last month, down to 16.6% from the record high of 16.8% the previous month, the first fall in two years.
Supermarkets Lidl and Aldi cut milk price to consumers
The move will have implications for fresh milk suppliers who have seen their input costs remain high and farmgate milk price fall in recent months.
28 April 2023 News
Aldi tight-lipped on increasing share of Irish fruit and veg
The Irish Farmers Journal asked the supermarket chain this week if the shortage has caused it to review using its suppliers outside of Ireland.
10 March 2023 News
Record Food price inflation in UK
While overall inflation has been in decline recently, food price inflation continues to increase in UK.
1 March 2023 News
Further recall of chicken due to potential salmonella presence
This latest recall comes after eight poultry farms were found to have tested positive for salmonella earlier this week.
3 February 2023 Poultry
What’s so special about the old world?
You often hear the terms “Old World” and “New World” used to describe wine. What differentiates them?”
4 January 2023 Neven
Protests in 2022: pig farmer and egg producer blockades
Pig and poultry farmers protested at a number of locations this year, calling for higher prices due to their crippling input costs.
31 December 2022 News
Retail data shows grocery inflation in Ireland hits record high
Latest numbers from Kantar puts inflation for weekly shopping at 14.7%.
12 December 2022 News