Aurivo co-op has followed the trend set by Lakeland Dairies and Glanbia Ireland last week, and increased the guaranteed base prices within its fixed price milk schemes.

Currently, Aurivo has two fixed price schemes operating in NI.

The first scheme pays a base of 27.5p/l from 1 January 2021 for three years. This will increase by 4p/l to 31.5p/l for April.

It is understood the 4p/l support payment will be reviewed monthly and altered depending on market returns to the co-op.

For Aurivo’s second fixed price scheme the minimum base will rise by 3p/l to 34p/l, although the original uptake of this second scheme was minimal.

Earlier this month, Lakeland Dairies announced a 7p/l increase to its fixed price contracts which pay 28p/l from October to March and 26p/l from April to September.

Glanbia Ireland will pay an additional 2.5p/l on top of the two fixed price schemes it has currently operating, which pay a base of 27p/l and 38p/l respectively.

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