Winning the weaning challenge: Successful weaning is all about planning. On page 30 we look at what steps should be taken over the next few weeks to ensure calves are in a healthy condition. A midsummer treatment for gut and lung worm is essential. Early intervention is key to the successful treatment of respiratory conditions.

If you are planning to sell your bull weanlings to under 16-month finishers, you need to give them time to finish them. Good weight for age will attract the optimum price. A rule of thumb is that 12 months of age is the cut-off point, and they need to be 500kg or above. This still only allows for the 100-day intensive finishing period and roughly 20 days for them to play with in order to market cattle. Some factories have been insisting on young bulls being in the herd for 90 days to acquire quality assurance (QA). The norm is 70 days for QA.