BEEP weighing: Make sure to register your scales before weighing is completed as part of the BEEP scheme. It’s a relatively straightforward process and can be completed on You need to log in to your Herdplus account and follow the on-screen instructions. You need three pieces of information – the make or manufacturer of the scales, the serial number of the scales and the year in which the scales were purchased. If you are renting a scales through a co-op, the scales will already be registered and this will be recorded through the booking system.

If you are using a borrowed scales, you need to use the original registration number, so the registration number moves with the scales. To record weights, enter the date of weighing and fill in the weights with corresponding tag numbers. Scales are available to rent from participating co-ops and stores. Calves can be weighed at any age but to get maximum benefit from analysis, weighing should be carried out when they are around 200 days old before creep feeding starts to get a good handle on the maternal aspects of the cow.