Representatives of the Beef Plan Movement at a protest outside the gates of ABP Bandon have submitted a list of 10 questions to the factory's bosses.

The group began its protest on Sunday 28 July and want answers.

In a document seen by the Irish Farmers Journal the first request is a meeting between the Beef Plan Movement and Meat Industry Ireland. The purpose of the meeting would be to determine a solution that would end to the protest.

The group also asks how farmers are to make a living at a beef price of €3.50/kg. These prices result in losses of between €150 and €200 per animal for farmers. The group demands to know what the factories are making on the so-called fifth quarter, which includes offal and the hide.


The Beef Plan Movement wants to know why factories need cattle badly this week considering farmers are always told stories that stores are full. Additionally, the group asks if under 16 month bulls are being taken off the grid, saying such a move would result in the death of the suckler industry.

Farmers at the protest want to know how many cattle the factories had in feedlots and how farmers could be expected to finish cattle this winter without a forward price.


Another question in the document states: “Why has the price of beef animals dropped by 8% in the last year when the price in the supermarket has gone up by1%?”

The document asks factories if it is fair that out of every €10 spent on beef farmers get €2 for two years work, the processor gets €3 for three days work and the retailer gets €5 for three days work.

The last question posed by the Beef Plan Movement was if it was true that factories are paying extra money to those who will pass the picket line to supply animals.