It is essential that talks between stakeholders in the beef sector deliver a result for farmers Fianna Fáil agriculture spokesperson Charlie McConalogue has said.

Talks are taking place on Monday 12 August at the Department’s Backweston campus in Co Kildare between farm organisations, the Department and its agencies, and factory representatives.

Determined action

McConalogue said it was determined action by beef farmers supporting Beef Plan protests that forced factories to the table and that concrete results were now needed from the process.

The Government must also immediately demand the attendance of retail multiples at talks

McConalogue said: “Issues such as the QPS grid, movement, age and weight restrictions on cattle, the two-tier pricing structure and the need for transparency in the beef supply chain must all be addressed conclusively.

“The Government must also immediately demand the attendance of retail multiples at talks to address the requirement for a fair margin for beef farming families.”

He said farming families must have the opportunity to recover the cost of production plus a margin for their product.

Failing this, farm families “effectively engage in slave labour” to support the majority of the consumer price going to highly profitable retailers.

Further assistance

McConalogue called for further assistance for farmers, as beef prices were now lower than the reference period covered in the €100m Brexit beef fund.

He added that Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed must provide assurance that further funding was forthcoming without unnecessary conditions attached.

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