The free open air concert is an initiative by the opera group, “Two and a Half Tenors”, which aims to improve both milk and meat quality through the power of music.

Classical music is often played to the infamous Kobe beef cattle in Japan, which supply the most expensive steak in the world. This concert will give Irish farmers the opportunity to judge the effect of classical music on their cattle.

IFA representatives have welcomed the singers and local breeders are enthusiastic about the project. “A contented cow is likely to produce more milk and anything that enhances that can only be a good thing”, says farmer Tom Breen who sings Irish ballads to his herd. He finds that the animals are calmer and produce creamier milk. He is convinced that high brow opera songs and calming classical melodies will further reduce stress and encourage a superior product.

Music promoter Riah Hogan of Singers for Hire, who are behind the event, believes that the farm’s Freisian cows will prove a most receptive and appreciative audience but hopes that locals will also come in “Herds”. The concert will feature guest artists Jean Wallace, Ryan Morgan, Derek Ryan and Nyle Wolfe.