Dairy management: slurry, costs and OAD
In this week's management notes, Aidan Brennan looks at where to spread slurry, costs for 2018 and what to do if going OAD.
Dairy management: once a day, preventing milk fever and calf movement rules
Aidan Brennan looks at the implications of milking cows once a day in spring, how to prevent milk fever and explains new rules on selling calves.
Dairy management: the principles of on/off grazing
As ground conditions are variable, Aidan Brennan outlines how on/off grazing can help to keep cows out.
Dairy management: fertiliser settings, allocating grass and storing milk
Aidan Brennan outlines how to work out the fertiliser settings in the fertiliser spreader, how to allocate grass correctly and shares some useful tips for storing milk.