Dawn Farms has established a foothold in the German cooked meat market through the acquisition of Haas GmbH, a specialist in cooked meats based in Saarland, Germany.

Haas is a family-owned company established in 1994. It has a focus on cooked meats for the pizza sector, a market in which Dawn is the largest supplier in Europe.

Manufacturing presence

Dawn Farms chief executive Larry Murrin said it was an important step to establish a manufacturing presence on the ground in Europe. Murrin said it would allow Dawn to continue growing its business.

Haas employs over 100 people and its founder and managing director Achim Haas, along with its chief operating officer Patrick Treitz, will remain at the company following the acquisition.


Murrin said the manufacturing process and products at Haas were complementary to their own.

“We already have a strong business and market position in the United Kingdom and notwithstanding the uncertainty relating to Brexit, the market for our customers’ products will remain robust over the coming years.

“Our ongoing strategy to expand and grow in Europe has always been based on identifying clear market opportunities across our existing customer base and on the potential for new customer engagement.

“Haas is an ideal business to further enable the execution of this strategy.”

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