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Troubleshooting a milking equipment cleaning issue
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan chats to David Gleeson from Teagasc about a new checklist for solving problems with milking equipment hygiene.
5 January 2022 Milk quality
Will solar panels heat my water?
Aidan Brennan look at the options for renewable energy on Irish dairy farms.
5 January 2022 Milk quality
Mixed outlook for milking equipment
Aidan Brennan says that while the outlook for milking equipment has been affected by restrictions on dairy output, milking equipment will always be in demand.
More than just rowers in Skibbereen
The Kingston family have been producing quality milk in Toureen, west Cork, for a number of years.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
Big investment in Loughrea
It is time for the business to start paying back some of the investment in Loughrea for this Arrabawn Co-op supplier.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
Banvilles at Barry's Cross playing a belter
Breeding cows is the passion but doing things right to deliver on a commercial dairy farm is very much in vogue on this Wexford dairy farm.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
Tipp’s Tommy Ormond will do it his way
A keen focus on breeding allied with a huge dedication and attention to detail is paying dividends in Tipperary.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
From copper in Montana to white gold in Whitechurch
The O'Sullivan family partnership is building on the generations of investment and work that started over 120 years ago.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
Focus on the dairy positives
It take a village to raise a child, a team to win a match and it takes an industry to extol the positives that dairy farming brings to rural Ireland.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
From Texas rodeo to Longford milking
Over the last 20 years, Eugene Fitzpatrick has converted a suckler farm into a dairy farm and it's still a work in progress.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
Lee Strand suppliers aiming high near Tralee
The Keane family dairy farm has invested a lot of time, money and hard work into getting cubicles and slurry storage up to speed for a growing herd.
8 September 2021 Milk quality
Buzzing with environmental enthusiasm in north Cork
Joe Barry reckons he's willing to change how he manages his farm if the science says it works for the environment and his farm.
8 September 2021 Milk quality