Considering buying a new car in the second-half of 2014? Read Michael Moroney's guide here to the best cars, suvs and 4x4s on the market.

Electric cars: power to the pocket and the planet
Michael Moroney
Over the past two years, Michael Moroney has driven a number of electric and hybrid cars. As the systems evolve, so too have his views.
29 May 2019 Motoring
Making good use of a PHEV for rural driving
Peter O’Reilly and his wife Geraldine have seen the benefits from changing to a plug-in hybrid electric car since they bought their Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV back in 2014.
29 May 2019 Motoring
The swing to hybrid and electric is happening
The move towards hybrid and electric-powered cars in Ireland is continuing, but at a slow pace.
Lots of 4x4 changes on the way
The market for 4x4 pick-up is evolving with more brand options than ever before. This will continue with smaller pick-ups on the way along with the entry of electric powered versions.
23 January 2019 Motoring
Prepare your 4x4 for the DOE test
Owning a 4x4 requires an annual DOE test for many farmers and rural businesses, so it is worth taking time in preparing for the test to save you time and money.
23 January 2019 Motoring
4 x 4 use continues to grow on Irish farms
Sales of 4x4s continue to increase on Irish farms as their towing ability and durability means they deliver on their value as a productive farm transport machine.
23 January 2019 Motoring
Prepare for the new cars of 2019
The car industry is meeting the challenges of new environmental standards and competitive market forces with a host of new models for 2019. Michael Moroney takes a look at the new cars for 2019.
5 December 2018 Motoring
WLTP – what it means for new car prices in 2019
WLTP is the new term that you will hear when looking at new car prices in 2019 as car companies come to terms with the impact of more stringent environmental testing that will increase new car prices.
5 December 2018 Motoring
Irish car market 2019 – Brexit factor to bite
The impact of the final Brexit withdrawal agreement, if there is one, could have significant consequences for the Irish car market in 2019.
5 December 2018 Motoring
Car insurance: premium struggles
Matthew Halpin outlines some of the most common stumbling blocks when it comes to getting car insurance and tips for how to avoid them.
28 May 2017 Motoring
Car finance – know the rules and the pitfalls
Most new and even fresh used cars are bought using some form of loan system as car prices have increased and finance deals look attractive.
7 December 2016 Motoring
Irish farming personalities – what they drive
Michael Moroney talks to some of the big farming names from 2016 and hears what types of cars they are driving and what led to their motoring choices.
7 December 2016 Motoring