Sheep Management

Sheep Management: weather challenges, grass tetany and mastitis
Darren Carty
Torrential rainfall in recent days has compounded challenges facing farmers lambing ewes or drafting hoggets from outdoor finishing systems.
21 March 2023 Management
Steps to wet fostering surplus lambs
Being able to foster lambs from triplet-bearing ewes will reduce the amount of lambs that will have to be artificially reared or sold.
15 March 2023 Management
Sheep Management: weather challenges, marketing hoggets and liming
The recent deterioration in weather is hitting at the worst possible time for farmers in peak lambing activity.
Top five tips on reducing disease pressure in calving and lambing pens
With mid-season lambing and calving well under way, here are some key tips to follow to reduce the disease pressure in housing.
14 March 2023 Buildings
Sheep Management: preparing for snow and dealing with hypothermia in lambs
After a period of settled weather, the weather forecast is presenting a challenging few days with ewes and young lambs outdoors at particular risk.
8 March 2023 Management
Tail docking: keeping it short and neat
With lambing kicking off in earnest, Darren Carty revisits management practices, such as tail docking, castration and selecting potential replacements at lambing.
4 March 2023 Management
Life cycle assessment calculating sheep emissions
Experts at Teagasc have been using life cycle assessment to calculate the environmental performance of average sheep systems in Ireland.
3 March 2023 Climate and environment
Sheep Management: interactions between lime, slurry and urea and lambing info
Ground conditions are as good as can be expected in many parts of the country opening up the opportunity to get field work completed.
1 March 2023 Management
Sheep Ireland offering free stock ram genotyping for hill flocks
The stock ram must be owned by a member of a hill sheep breeding group, be a 100% hill breed and born in 2021 or earlier.
25 February 2023 Management
Optimising the many wonderful properties of colostrum
Often referred to as biestings by our grandparents or parents, colostrum is nature’s gift to help newborn animals get the best start in life and fight off numerous diseases.
22 February 2023 Management
Don’t delay too long on purchasing fertiliser
Reports indicate many farmers are understandably holding off from purchasing fertiliser, but it is important not to delay too long and compromise spring grass supplies.
22 February 2023 Fertilizers
Sheep management: organic farming, ewe feeding space and selling hoggets
Decisions on organic farming need to take in to account the effect that converting will have on your farming system.
22 February 2023 Management