Sheep Management

Sheep Management: SIS queries, drafting considerations and weather checks
Darren Carty
Adherance to the sheep improvement scheme reference number is important where the aim is to maximise scheme payments.
The sheep clean livestock policy refresher course
26 November 2023 Management
The sheep clean livestock policy refresher course
Poor weather and difficult ground conditions have brought the sheep livestock policy back into the spotlight.
Sheep Management: new quad rules, housing prep and silage quality
22 November 2023 Management
Sheep Management: new quad rules, housing prep and silage quality
From 20 November, anyone driving a quad bike for work must wear a helmet and complete a QQI, or standard equivalent, training course.
Sheep Management: high risk of liver fluke disease confirmed
The Department’s annual liver fluke forecast warns that liver fluke disease will be prevalent and high risk in all parts of the country with the exception of south Leinster.
15 November 2023 Management
Assessing winter straw supplies and requirements
With reported tight supplies of straw and costs rising farmers are advised to do an inventory and put a plan in place to conserve available supplies.
8 November 2023 Management
Considering winter shearing for lambs and ewes
The inclement weather is forcing earlier housing of lambs for finishing, while ewe housing dates will also undoubtedly be pulled forward.
8 November 2023 Management
Sheep management: weather presenting numerous challenges
Lambs are falling foul of the clean livestock policy in greater numbers while performance and grass utilisation level has dropped to a very low level.
8 November 2023 Management
Listen: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
With rain hammering down, field work is very limited and most stock are indoors, even on the dry farms - time to think of stretching feed options.
3 November 2023 Breeding & health
Sheep Management: housing lambs for finishing and temporary fencing
It is important to keep on top of breeding progress with a typical repeat rate exceeding 15% quickly raising alarm bells.
1 November 2023 Management
Sheep Management: safeguarding against ram infertility and handling store lambs
With breeding well underway on farms, care needs to be taken that grass supplies are not negatively affected by remaining store lambs, while the clean livestock policy also needs to remembered.
25 October 2023 Management
Schemes update: being prepared for a sheep inspection
Tagging issues, failure to maintain an up-to-date flock register and failure to notify the Department of animal movements are common issues which crop up each year in cross compliance inspections.
20 October 2023 Management
Sheep Management: torrential rainfall presenting many challenges
Ground conditions and grass utilisation are deteriorating at a cricital junture with many flocks in the midst of breeding and finishing lambs.
18 October 2023 Management