Farmer Writes: bloat claims four and Glanbia ventures into the US
The main health issue over the last few weeks has been bloat in both cows and young stock on Bill O'Keeffe's farm, while Truly Grass Fed has been on his mind too.
Farmer Writes: heading back to one cow per acre
Dumfries dairy farmer Michael Kyle explains the changes he is making to his herd for 2019.
Farmer Writes: seven days of grass to graze
Bill O'Keeffe still has over 60% of his herd milking. They are producing 12.5l at 5.87% fat and 4.60% protein.
Farmer Writes: farms have an ability to cloud judgement
Farms have an ability to cloud judgement – to a successor they can be a dream come true or a prison sentence, writes Tommy Moyles.