World News: profits up at Ornua’s UK business
Phelim O'Neill
Ornua retains leading position in branded and non-branded butter and cheese in the UK market place.
28 August 2023 News
Ornua chief executive John Jordan to step down
Donal Buggy, who has been chief financial officer at Ornua since 2013, will assume the role of interim chief executive.
5 July 2023 News
Facts were what mattered in Dr Cawley’s work
Dr Noel Cawley's training was as a scientist, so facts were what mattered to him in all facets of his work, writes Matt Dempsey.
Stanley is a Kerrygold all-star
The Italian-American actor and writer Stanley Tucci is a committed consumer of Irish butter and a lover of Kerrygold.
24 May 2023 Dealer
Butter wrappers - beautifully packaged dairy history
Before the arrival of Kerrygold, Ireland had around 150 butter brands produced by local creameries from across the country. Declan O'Brien visited The Butter Museum in Cork to find out more.
3 May 2023 Features
Sixty years of growth for the Kerrygold brand
Ornua's 2022 annual report marked the diamond anniversary of the launch of Kerrygold.
26 April 2023 News
Ornua builds on strong foundation
Ornua sees the next five years as a growth phase in value rather than volume with a plan to build on the success of the already successful US and German story.
26 April 2023 Viewpoints
Ornua profits drop despite 'exceptional sales performance'
The Kerrygold brand marked 60 years with 11m packets of butter and cheese sold each week.
26 April 2023 News