A few queries have cropped up in recent weeks regarding the type of meal bins which are permitted for grant aid under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS II).

A significant rule to take note of is that only meal bins or grain silos which have been pre-painted will be accepted for grant aid.

This excludes bins provided with a galvanised finish, with manufacturers generally dipping bins and then painting them.


The exception to this rule is where meal bins are constructed in existing buildings. In such cases, bins do not need to be painted.

However, take note that the building in which the bin is being erected must have been built in compliance with planning permission regulations.

The final note of advice in the Department of Agriculture’s building specifications is that meal bins or grain silos must be bolted into a minimum 3mx3m concrete base, which is at least 250mm thick.

The foundation and concrete should also be constructed to specifications detailed in S.101.

Concrete should be purchased from an EN 206 certified manufacturer, be at least Mix B (37N) and certified as per S.101.

Meal bin providers

Meal bins or grain stores must also be purchased only from a company approved by the Department for the purposes of TAMS II.

The most up-to-date listing will be published here, with details of companies approved as per the April 2021 update listed below.