Have finishing cattle adequate housing space?
Kieran Mailey
Where forward cattle have insufficient lying space and room at the feed barrier, liveweight gain will suffer.
25 February 2023 Grass & feeding
Thrive: 72 heifers at grass on demo farm
With excellent ground conditions and a good supply of grass, the yearling heifers were turned out this week on the Thrive demonstration farm in Cashel, Co Tipperary.
22 February 2023 Farmer Writes
IFJ Junior Farmer Writes: dairy calf to beef a first step in farming
Emer O'Neill is starting out in her farming career by rearing a batch of calves bought in from a local dairy farmer
Reducing meal feeding before spring turn-out
Before turning weanlings and stores out to graze, reduce meal feeding levels to aid the transition on to spring grass.
21 February 2023 Management
Farmer Writes: lambs performing well
James Strain got a big batch of lambs away to the factory. However, he hopes they're not too big and are over 23kg.
14 February 2023 Farmer Writes
Tullamore Farm: bulls weighed - now to decide to feed or sell
Farm manager Shaun Diver weighed the young bulls on Tullamore Farm this week and spoke to Declan Marren on his thoughts on whether to feed on or sell live given the buoyant mart trade.
10 February 2023 Tullamore Farm
Livestock rations unchanged for February
Feed merchants indicate ration prices will remain unchanged as grain prices fall, but protein costs remain high.
25 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Sheep taskforce needed on lamb prices - INHFA
A plan of action is needed to turn around dropping lamb prices, the INHFA has stated.
24 January 2023 News
Thrive: what weight should dairy beef yearlings be today?
A midwinter weighing is really important to ensure dairy beef animals remain on target during the period when most stock fall behind.
18 January 2023 Grass & feeding
What on-farm factors influence the eating quality of beef?
Declan Marren looks at some of the research done in Teagasc over the years looking at on-farm influences of beef eating quality.
25 December 2022 Grass & feeding
Five tips to getting a break from the farm at Christmas
Taking some time out from the daily farming routine is important for farmers over Christmas.
20 December 2022 Management
Winter finishing: minimising the cost/kg gain
The cost of each kilo gained is more important than feed costs per day in a finishing system.
14 December 2022 Management