Ticking the box for meal bin specs: finishes, augers and access
Martin Merrick
Martin Merrick details some of the options that can be fitted to Q-Mac silos to suit individual farmers needs.
25 April 2024 News
Meal subsidy would be of more benefit to fodder-short farmers - TD
A meal subsidy would be more beneficial than the current transport scheme for west and northwest farmers short of fodder, Deputy Marian Harkin has said.
17 April 2024 News
Drystock farmers 'sleep walking' into nitrates penalties
Farmers with high-phosphate soils are still purchasing fertiliser compounds such as 18-6-12 and 10-10-20, because it is what they have always done.
Beef: winter finishing confidence low
Beef farmers are not immune to the wet weather and winter essentially has been extended to eight months in the northwest.
17 April 2024 Viewpoints
Feed sales surge amid silage shortage
Farmers are running short on silage around the country however, the quality of what they're buying is a concern.
27 March 2024 News
Easing weanlings and stores off meal before turnout
Cutting meal levels before turning cattle out to grass can help animals transition on to a spring grazing diet.
20 February 2024 Management
Decisions to be made for Tullamore bulls
Adam Woods takes a look at the economics of finishing this year’s crop of bulls on Tullamore Farm and whether to sell or feed on.
14 February 2024 Markets
Five tips when changing from store to finishing diets
When moving cattle from a store to finishing diet, consider some of the outlined tips to follow.
3 February 2024 Management
Pig farmers: 'If I'm going to go through another bad spell I won't be in it'
Our profits are just getting eroded away every week by the processors, one pig farmer told the Irish Farmers Journal.
13 December 2023 Pigs
My Farming Week: Kieran Dunphy, Lissahane, Kill, Co Waterford
Co Waterford dairy farmer Kieran Dunphy was a new entrant in 2018, influenced heavily by time spent in New Zealand. Anne O’Donoghue reports.
13 December 2023 News
Five tips to move store cattle into the finishing period
Moving cattle from a store phase to intensive finishing diet involves more than just increasing meal levels.
9 December 2023 Management
Not all ewes follow the meal bucket
If you buy cull ewes, perhaps you need to check whether they have ever eaten any meal.
6 December 2023 Dealer