The Fertilizer Association of Ireland moves online with its spring scientific meeting this year.

Entitled 'A new era in nutrient management', the webinar will be held on Tuesday 2 February.

As always there is a mix of speakers providing the practical perspective of the farmer, as well as input on research and policy.


Jack Nolan from the Department of Agriculture will talk about fertiliser use and the green deal. Under the EU's Farm to Fork strategy, fertiliser use has to be reduced by 20% by 2030.

William Burchill from Teagasc Moorepark will talk about getting the best out of all nitrogen sources.

His paper will discuss the challenges and solutions involved in increasing nitrogen use efficiency.

Finally, farmer Donal Sheehan will discuss how he has cut fertiliser use on his farm.

From improving timing of his applications to planting multi-species swards, Donal is improving nitrogen use efficiency, while also promoting biodiversity on the farm.

The spring scientific meeting of the Fertilizer Association of Ireland takes pace on Tuesday 2 February at 2pm. Fifteen IASIS points are available for the event.

Registration is required and is available at