UK - COP26 basket measures

The top five UK supermarkets will commit to halving the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket by 2030 through a new partnership with WWF called ‘basket measures’.

Australia - beef exports begin recovery

Australian beef exports in September were 79,844t, a 16% increase on September 2020, although for the year ending September 2021, they were 17% below the year previous.

New Zealand - wool growers unite

Wools of New Zealand (WNZ) and Primary Wool Co-operative (PWC) shareholders have voted to merge and create a single grower-owned business.

USA - increase in global grain supply

Global coarse grain production (feed grains) for 2021/22 was forecast to be 5.1Mt higher in the November WASDE report, which puts global production at 1,499Mt.