Margaret Leahy: crafting is more than a hobby - it's a way of life
You don't just learn a new skill when you take up a hobby - you meet people, make friends and learn about yourself, writes Margaret Leahy.
28 December 2022 News
Irish Wool Council to be officially launched by early February
The establishment of an All-Ireland wool council for Irish-grown produce was one of the key findings of the Wool Feasibility Study published earlier this year.
19 December 2022 News
Shearing should be an action in Sheep Improvement Scheme - IFA
If sheep farmers are not incentivised to handle and manage wool properly, the newly formed Wool Council will face a “huge obstacle” in delivering new markets, says the IFA.
Should farmers still consider winter shearing?
With some flocks delaying shearing of housed ewes due to weather and others looking at its cost, there are farmers asking themselves if they should progress with winter shearing or forget it.
17 December 2022 Management
Sheep’s wool manure reaching 10.6% nitrogen
While sheep’s wool is now a low-value product for farmers, Peter McGlynn of Larkfield Pellet Products thinks he has found a way to increase the value of the product.
16 December 2022 Soil
Sheep scab undetected in flocks, study finds
Scab is a highly contagious disease in sheep which is caused by a mite and can lead to itching, wool loss, reduced animal performance and welfare issues.
23 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Convene new wool council as ‘matter of urgency’ - IFA
The IFA has highlighted that there has been no further progress on the establishment of a wool council for the Irish sheep sector since it was promised last July.
21 November 2022 News
INHFA warns of deepening crisis in wool sector
There has been a collapse in the wool market, according to the INHFA.
8 November 2022 News
‘Initial steps’ being taken to establish wool council – Minister
The Department has committed to providing €30,000 in financial assistance towards the initial setup costs of the wool council.
26 October 2022 News
Meet The Maker: Aideen Fallon of Fluff Beag
In this week's Meet The Maker, Maria Moynihan speaks with Aideen Fallon of Galway- based knitwear and home decor business Fluff Beag.
26 October 2022 Features
Travel: Wheat fields and wool towns
Liam Clancy re-visits East Anglia; the land of his agri-college days, wheat-fields, wool towns and ‘messing about in boats’.
19 October 2022 Features
Minister Hackett must do more on wool issue – IFA
The IFA sheep chair said there are huge opportunities to develop a unique brand for Irish wool and that this work must commence immediately.
19 October 2022 Community