UK - grocery sales down 3%

UK grocery sales reached £31.7bn (€38bn) over the 12 weeks to 26 December 2021, down by 3% compared with 2020, but 8% higher than in 2019.

Canada - atypical BSE case discovered

An atypical case of BSE in Canada on 17 December 2021 has led to South Korea, China and the Philippines temporarily suspending imports of Canadian beef, according to the Canadian Cattleman’s Association.

China - fall in pork imports

China imported just under 5m tonnes of pigmeat, including offal, in 2021, a fall of 12% on 2020 imports.

Argentina - maize crop rating drops

Last week, Bolsa de Cereales reduced the crop condition scores for maize crop. In the week ending 12 January, only 23% of crops were rated ‘excellent/good’ and 36% were rated ‘poor/very poor’. This compares to 40% and 21% respectively the week before.