It was a good week for

  • Farmers across Europe that received a derogation from the European Commission on greening requirements in order to alleviate pressure from the drought.
  • People who have their hedge-cutter ready for action, as the season for hedgecutting and burning re-opens.
  • Progress on policy-making, with the EU institutions back from their summer break in Brussels.
  • The Embrace FARM tractor run,which has reached the halfway point in its tour around Ireland.
  • Embrace FARM stopped off at the Irish Farm Centre on Tuesday 28 August.

    It was a bad week for

  • Farmers in Wicklow, with a new survey showing that wild deer are adding to the grass shortage problem caused by drought.
  • Gabriel D’Arcy, who stepped down as chief executive officer of LacPatrick Dairies.
  • Farmers whose insurance costs have risen. Our survey revealed that the cost of insurance has risen on 74% of farms.
  • Farmers buying ration for stock, after prices rose this week due an increase in ingredient costs.