It's been a good week for...

  • Straw sellers, as rain leads to increased demand for straw.
  • The weanling trade, as pecial weanling sales have seen strong farmer demand.
  • Beef farmers, as the report into the Irish beef sector by economist Jim Power, is to be out in the "next number of weeks".
  • Pig farmers, as pig farmers are on course to enjoy best profits in 40 years.
  • Dairy farmers, as milk prices rise despite coronavirus warnings.
  • It's been a bad week for...

  • Grant recipients, as farm payments could be cut by an average of €2,000 in the next CAP.
  • Livestock farmers, as there will be no knackery collections next week.
  • Calf exporters, as calf exports are still being hit by rough seas.
  • Landowners, as the elevated February rainfall shows no sign of stopping.
  • Farmers, as 4,000 farms experienced a TB breakdown in 2019.
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