Demand for straw remains extremely strong and there has been little sign of prices easing.

Round bales continue to move around the £18 to £22 mark for straw being collected directly. The lower end of the price quotes have been reported for large quantities purchased by repeat customers.

Prices for round bales delivered are typically £24 to £26 depending on demand and the distance required for haulage.

Large squares are trading around the £50 mark for 8x4x3 bales of barley straw delivered on farm, with 8x4x4 bales priced around £70 including delivery.


Grain markets remain bullish, and local prices of £185 to £195 have been reported for dried grain before handling and transport charges apply. Spot markets for imported barley have strengthened further during August on the back of rising global wheat and maize prices. Imported barley is costing £225 to £230 delivered on farm.

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