Comment: Consumption has reduced slightly this week following the latest spell of hot weather. However, all schools have now returned, so markets should stabilise quickly.

Growers continue to lift the earliest Roosters, with more new-season crop now available on supermarket shelves.

Yields are reported to be average at best on these crops and very varied even within fields.

It is also reported that growers are having to delay desiccating as tuber size is an issue.

It is expected that there will be a gap between lifting the early Rooster crops and the main crop due to the weather conditions experienced earlier this spring.

Across Europe demand is described as reasonable, prices are generally holding and there is much more confidence on the ground than this time last year. The full effect of the return to school will be more apparent next week. Movement of Maris Piper for quality frying samples from the UK to Ireland is reported to have eased this week following a period of strong demand. After a slow start, maincrop yields in northern Europe have started to improve and in late August were predicted to be slightly above average in most countries, although this does not take into account any crop damaged. The availability and cost of transport continues to hinder trade on the market.