GVM Kilmallock hosted a weanling sale last Thursday, attracting nearly 200 lots.

While this would be smaller than usual, this can be largely attributed to the effects of storm Barra during the previous days and the proximity of Christmas.

While many regular buyers would have stock numbers filled for the year, demand throughout remained brisk, resulting in a near 100% clearance of the stock on offer.

This pair of spring-born Charolais heifers had an average weight of 250kg and sold for €510 (€2.04/kg).

This pen of five Angus heifers weighed 209kg on average and sold for €390 (€1.87/kg).

This pair of Angus heifers weighed 315kg and sold for €540 (€1.71/kg).

This end of May-born Limousin heifer weighed 245kg and sold for €500 (€2.04/kg).

Speaking after the sale, mart manager Denis Kirby said: “We had a very good trade throughout. Farmer buyers and agents were both very active. Over the past number of weeks we’ve seen a lift in trade bit by bit. Our weekly general cattle sale continues to get big numbers, with over 500 offered on Monday. All types of dry cows are proving particularly strong.”

The Thursday sale started with weanling bullocks. These were all first-cross dairy beef lots of full dairy lots and all 30 sold to an average of €2/kg. The top price among these was a call of €2.30/kg for a batch of Angus-cross bullocks.

These three Hereford heifers born April to June had an average weight of 259kg and sold for €510 (€1.97/kg).

These three Hereford heifers born in March had an average weight of 313kg and sold for €650 (€2.08/kg).

This May-born Angus heifer weighed 280kg and sold for €520 (€1.86/kg).

These were followed by bull weanlings, with first-cross dairy beef lots again making up the vast majority of stock on offer. The average here hit €1.95/kg, with the top end selling for between €2.25/kg to €2.30/kg.

One batch of Hereford-cross bull weanlings had an average weight of 280kg and sold for €630 or €2.25/kg.

Angus bulls were led by a price of €2.20/kg paid for a batch of four that weighed 345kg a head and sold for €760.

One of the other standout lots for the Hereford breed was a batch of eight bulls with an average weight of 285kg that sold for €590 (€2.07/kg).

These four Hereford heifers had an average weight of 259kg and sold for €510 (€1.97/kg).

This pen of five February-born Angus bulls had an average weight of 366kg and sold for €660 (€1.80/kg).

This 350kg Charolais heifer born in April sold for €900 (€2.57/kg).

Heifer weanlings proved stronger than the bulls, but this was largely down to a few suckler-bred lots dotted throughout the offering. Prices reached as high as €2.81/kg but with a large proportion of dairy-beef stock, the overall average rested at €2.10/kg.

Securing the top price of €2.81/kg on the night was a 295kg Belgian Blue heifer that sold for €830. This was followed by a Limousin heifer that weighed 345kg and sold for €890 (€2.58/kg)