Media Information (Irish Farmers Journal) (Effective from issue dated 10th November 2012)

Type Page Size340mm x 262 wide
Column Depth340mm
News and Features Pages Column Width (Inter column gutter of 4.2mm)6 Columns 40mm
Classified Pages Column Width (Inter column gutter of 4.2mm)7 Columns 34mm
Printed Web Offset Litho85 Screen
Contact Barbara Kilkenny 01 4199 560

COLUMN WIDTH:             

1 = 40mm

2 = 84.5mm

3 = 129mm

4 = 173

5 = 218.5

6 = 262

CLASSIFIED PAGES:          7 columns


1 = 34mm

2 = 72mm

3 = 110mm

4 = 148mm

5 = 186mm

6 = 224mm

7 = 262mm

Media Information (Irish Country Living) (Effective from issue dated 10 November 2012)

6 Columns

1 col = 38mm
2 cols = 80.5mm
3 cols = 123mm
4 cols = 165mm
5 cols = 208mm
6 cols = 250mm

Column height is 320mm

Sizes (Height x width)

Full Page320mm x 250mm
Full Page Bleed350mm x 285mm (incl. Bleed)
Half Page Vertical320mm x 123mm
Half Page Vertical with Bleed350mm x 146mm (incl. Bleed)
Half Page Horizontal160mm x 250mm
Half Page Horizontal with Bleed177mm x 285mm (incl. Bleed)

Irish Country Living Magazine:

Production Specs

Trim size 297mm high x 220mm wide

No BleedHeight x Width (mm)
Full page 259mm high x 186mm wide
Half Page Vertical259mm high x 93mm wide
Half Page Horiztontal129mm high x 186mm wide
Quarter Page129mm high x 93mm wide

Ads with Bleed(Includes 5mm bleed on all sides)
DPS307mm high x 450mm wide
Full Page307mm high x 230mm wide
Half Page Vertical307mm high x 120mm wide
Half Page Horizontal158mm high x 230mm wide

Digital delivery specifications