Spring barley 2023 - it was nearly a miracle
Derek Robinson
The crop was better than expected, but finances are unlikely to stack up, writes Derek Robinson.
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Sheep EBVs are the future: but when?
Derek Robinson questions why there are very few performance-recorded rams on offer at local sales.
23 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Watch: farming with townies in the countryside
Derek Robinson has had some mixed experiences when stock have strayed into neighbouring gardens.
Watch: life and times of a lamb called Patch
Derek Robinson wonders how best to explain the reality of farming to wider consumers.
2 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Beware of ‘cuckoo-corn’ in second-division soil
Late planting has left Co Down farmer Derek Robinson wondering about yield in his spring barley.
12 July 2023 Northern Ireland
Watch: the aroma of a perfect silage season
Derek Robinson reckons he has nearly all his silage requirement done for the year.
28 June 2023 Northern Ireland
Planning ahead for the dairy heifers
Derek Robinson is keen to avoid issues that arose in 2022 with contract-reared dairy heifers.
7 June 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: nematodirus outbreak sends a wakeup call
Derek Robinson has pieced together the factors behind an outbreak of infection among his lambs.
17 May 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: no regrets having less work to do
Co Down farmer Derek Robinson dropped out his poultry operation at the end of 2022.
26 April 2023 Farmer Writes
Soil scheme throws up unexpected results
Derek Robinson is among those farmers within Zone 1 of the Soil Nutrient Health Scheme.
5 April 2023 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: latest stories from the lambing shed
The rare miraculous victory during lambing is matched by plenty of failures, writes Derek Robinson.
22 March 2023 Farmer Writes
Watch: Farmer Writes - hard to beat high dry matter silage
The performance of ewes and dairy heifers offered high DM silage has been better than expected, writes Derek Robinson.
22 February 2023 Farmer Writes