Farm Programmes
Wading into wetland solutions on Footprint Farms
Emma Hart
Simple, targeted, nature-based measures can help to mitigate the risks of water pollution from farmyard runoff, writes Emma Hart.
13 September 2023 Footprint Farmers
'Amazing what can grow without any chemical inputs'
Evidence is mounting that multispecies swards can effectively reduce farm inputs, enhance farm sustainability and improve animal performance, writes Emma Hart.
6 September 2023 Footprint Farmers
Monumental efforts to sustain Roscommon’s farming legacy
Though Rathcroghan’s archaeology may be of global significance, for Gerard Healy and his family, this legacy has proven somewhat of a mixed blessing, writes Brendan Dunford.
Harnessing the power of our hedgerows
There is a huge opportunity to capitalise on the climate and biodiversity potential of the already existing hedgerow network in Ireland, writes Emma Hart.
30 August 2023 Footprint Farmers
Open minds and open landscapes in Mayo
Farming here in Connemara is clearly not a very lucrative business. But for Colm Gavin, it’s much, much more than that: a way of life, a culture, a heritage, an identity, writes Brendan Dunford.
23 August 2023 Footprint Farmers
Measuring biodiversity on Footprint Farms
The journey towards greater sustainability is more than simply a tale of metrics and reports; it's a quest to better understand the delicate balance between humanity and the land, writes Emma Hart
16 August 2023 Footprint Farmers
Land sharing and organic dairying in Laois
Initially farming a mixed farm, John McHugh specialised in dairying, building a 160-cow herd before transitioning to what he feels is a more resilient, low-cost farming system, writes Brendan Dunford
9 August 2023 Footprint Farmers
Swift conservation actions in County Waterford
Embracing an ecological education may bring awareness to the painful realities of today's biodiversity crisis, but it also arms us with the best tool to tackle these challenges, writes Emma Hart.
2 August 2023 Footprint Farmers
Something's brewing in north Tipp
For Maurice Deasy, learning is an investment, which he feels will give him the confidence and authority to ‘plough his own furrow’ as a farmer and resist prevailing mindsets, writes Brendan Dunford.
26 July 2023 Footprint Farmers
Footprint farmers mine minerals with multispecies swards
Simple steps and a willingness to try new approaches can make a big difference to the environmental footprint of a farm, writes Emma Hart PhD, conservation ecologist.
19 July 2023 Footprint Farmers