What is the love hormone; and how does it affect men and women?
Enda Murphy
Ever heard of the ‘love hormone’? Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of, explains what oxytocin is; and how it affects men and women differently.
1 March 2023 Health
Mental health: Caring for the carer
Who cares for the carers? No one: you have to care for yourself, writes Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of
31 August 2022 Features
Health: what drives addiction?
Psychotherapist Enda Murphy and director of explores what really drives addictions; and how human connections can help heal.
Health: being 'imperfect' is normal
Psychotherapist and director of Enda Murphy on why it’s important to post that not so perfect 'selfie'.
3 August 2022 Health
Mental health: how to spot a liar
Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of, explores why we all lie; and how to spot the liar.
29 June 2022 Features
Dear Enda: Our 16-year-old has just told us that he is transgender
Enda Murphy, psychotherapist and director of, responds to a reader whose 16-year-old has just come out as transgender.
15 June 2022 Features
Mental Health: ‘I was a criminal for being me’… LGBT and the gay farmer
To mark the beginning of Pride month, psychotherapist and director of Enda Murphy talks about the need to embrace diversity in all its forms in the farming community.
1 June 2022 Health
Agony Uncle: my son is a street angel, but a house devil
Psychotherapist and director of Enda Murphy advises a mother who is struggling with her son’s mood swings.
6 April 2022 Features
Mental Health: overcoming gut-wrenching anxiety
That nervous tension you feel when you go into a social situation is social anxiety. It’s perfectly normal and has to do with how we want to fit in and be accepted. Psychotherapist Enda Murphy writes
1 December 2021 Features
Do you really need friends? Yes but who they are depends on gender, age and need
The reasons why we make and have and keep friends varies and changes throughout different stages of our life. Psychotherapist Enda Murphy speaks about making and keeping friends in this month’s mental health feature.
3 November 2021 Health
Mental Health: ploughing can be meditative if you are living in the moment
Whether it is ploughing a field or saying the Rosary, both help us find peace in the moment. They help us stop and focus on the journey, writes psychotherapist Enda Murphy.
29 September 2021 Health
Learning to cope with health anxiety
A patient of psychotherapist Enda Murphy suffers from health anxiety. He advises on how to let go of trying to be in control of things she had no control over.
4 August 2021 Health