Bolger Blogs: an unpleasant experience riding horses on the road
Hannah Bolger writes about ‘horse ignorance’ on the road and how a truck driver with a chip on his shoulder put her children at risk during a recent horse-riding incident.
5 June 2021 Blog
Pet lamb pandemonium on Waterfall Farm
A pet lamb might seem great and is great for the kids, but for the adults, it is in fact a huge amount of time-consuming work. Hannah Bolger writes from Waterfall Farm.
15 April 2021 Blog
Blog: on a farm, life is full of major and minor triumphs and disappointments
Hannah Bolger is reminded of the fields of sun-drenched tulips she saw on a trip to the Netherlands in her youth. They might be her favourite, but daffodils are in plenty supply on the farm too.
A small bit of snow and the mid-term break a welcome reprieve on Waterfall Farm
Many parents were feeling the same pain as Hannah Bolger as home schooling dragged on. Hannah even beseeched the weather gods for snow, just for the excuse and respite of a snow day.
25 February 2021 Blog
Emergency educating
Hannah Bolger tells us about homeschooling her two girls. You might agree, there is nothing wrong with this form of learning
27 January 2021 Blog
Bolger Blogs: a COVID-19 Christmas on Waterfall farm
The changes brought by COVID-19 saw Hannah Bolger busier than normal in her Christmas preparations. With that behind her, she is hopeful that 2021 could bring more new arrivals to Waterfall Farm.
30 December 2020 Blog
Bolger Blogs: locals gather on Waterfall farm for the launch of a balloon
A hot air balloon inspires one child and sparks caution in another. It was all movie excitement in Wicklow the last few weeks. Hannah Bolger updates us from Waterfall Farm.
8 August 2020 Blog
Bolger blogs: ever tried, ever failed……?
Accepting her lack of expertise in the garden does not put Hannah Bolger off giving growing some family favourites a go.
10 July 2020 Blog
Bolger Blogs: every day is a school day at Waterfall Farm
Waterfall Farm provides plenty of material for home-schooling; and not just for the children, writes Hannah Bolger
15 May 2020 Features
Bolger Blogs: rooster mayhem on Waterfall Farm
Trials and tribulations go beyond COVID-19 as Hannah Bolger has to contend with not only school-less children but also a less than co-operative new rooster.
13 April 2020 Features
Bolger Blogs: A horse in the silage field
Husband and wife disagreements on the daily indoor/outdoor pattern of horses had Hannah Bolger losing brownie points at home. But the kids, they go out even in poor weather.
13 March 2020 Blog