Up to 50,000t of farm plastic ‘lying in yards’
Kelsey Daly
The Oireachtas agriculture committee debate on large quantities of plastic focused on five or six locations around the country.
22 May 2024 News
Farmers reminded not to stack bales too high
Silage bales must not be stacked within 20m of a surface water, according to the CAP conditionality requirements.
22 May 2024 News
My Farming Week: Eugene Fitzpatrick, Granard, Co Longford
Longford dairy farmer Eugene Fitzpatrick hosted a water quality farm walk for Lakelands as his farm is in derogation.
Fine Gael farm forum seeks to cap land leasing payment rates
The upper limit could be phased in over time to avoid disrupting existing leases and current market prices.
19 May 2024 News
ABP finalises £24.5m investment in Scotland
Some 80 positions have been created in the new ABP beef processing facility in Perth, Scotland.
18 May 2024 News
UCD Ag Society to raffle fertiliser for charity
The charities that AgSoc are raising funds for this year include Embrace FARM and the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust.
29 April 2024 News
Vets report increased cases of mastitis and scour
Vets from the southeast are seeing increases in the number of calls relating to mastitis and scour, as cows and calves are housed for longer periods than normal.
17 April 2024 News
Lough Funshinagh flooding: 'the worst year in living memory'
Farmers surrounding Lough Funshinagh highlighted that the situation is dire and that they are living in hope that water will recede.
17 April 2024 News
Organic farmers require 'more feed' than Department suggests
Following the launch of the Department of agriculture's organic farmers feed survey, IFA organic project team chair said 'it's not a true representation' of the requirements.
28 February 2024 News
Labour costs could ‘tip horticulture industry over the edge’
The prices of fruit and vegetables will need to increase in the retail stores, according to Niall McCormack the IFA horticulture chair.
28 February 2024 News
My Farming Week: David Grehan, Rosenallis, Co Laois
David talks about his college placement on Fennelly's dairy farm, how the calving is going and possibly farming abroad in the future.
28 February 2024 News
'Princess' Kevin farming for Children's Health Foundation
Carlow farmer Kevin O’Hanlon has dressed up as princess Elsa to raise vital funds for the Children's Health Foundation.
24 February 2024 News