“See a gynaecologist and have everything checked: it’s what saved me”
Margaret Hawkins
Blessed. That’s how Rita McInerney feels now she is six years free of ovarian cancer. Margaret Hawkins hears her message- have a check-up to make sure your gynaecological health is all it should be.
15 March 2023 Health
Getting your mental health back on track with Grow
Margaret Hawkins learns how Grow Mental Health has helped changed lives with its supports, including new, men-only online meetings.
8 March 2023 Health
Postnatal depression: a real illness
1 in 10 women reported symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety in the months after giving birth according to a recent study. Margaret Hawkins talks to midwife Susan Hogan about how to seek support.
Breaking down the stigma around bulimia and showing recovery is possible
Eating disorders are complex and can take many forms. To coincide with eating disorder awareness week, Margaret Hawkins explores the factors driving bulimia and how recovery is possible.
22 February 2023 Health
Supporting children who are self-harming
Self-harm is on the increase with an estimated 10% of adolescents affected, including children under the age of 10. But where can they seek help? Margaret Hawkins writes.
15 February 2023 Health
Health: Living with epilepsy
A Co Tipperary farming family share their journey with epilepsy with Margaret Hawkins.
8 February 2023 Health
A wheel dilemma: should you be on or off the road?
Some medical conditions can impact our ability to drive. What are they and what are the regulations around them? Margaret Hawkins reports
25 January 2023 Health
Think, talk and tell - why it’s so important
Not making decisions about the medical care you want at end of life can throw unwanted stress on family members. Margaret Hawkins talks to Dr Tony Holohan about why there’s comfort in planning ahead.
18 January 2023 Health
Healthbytes: from symptoms of childhood illnesses to getting better sleep
Want to know when you should seek medical help for your child? What symptoms could flag RSV or Strep A? Tips for getting better sleep? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes and more.
11 January 2023 Health
Long COVID - the road to recovery
Long COVID is an umbrella term describing the cluster of symptoms that people develop or continue to experience after acute COVID-19. What can help in the road to recovery? Margaret Hawkins writes.
28 December 2022 Health
Health: look after you this Yuletide
Christmas can come with challenges on the health front but being prepared can keep your holiday as jolly as possible, writes Margaret Hawkins.
21 December 2022 Health
Living well with a chronic condition
Struggling to cope with a chronic condition like arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, COPD, Parkinson’s, long COVID or heart issues? If so, there is help.
14 December 2022 Health