I am heartbroken and finding it hard to move on
Ask Miriam
I really like a colleague, but 'slagging' at work drove a wedge between us. I'm hurt and don't know how to move on
15 March 2023 Ask Miriam
Should we find out if we are having a baby boy or girl?
I want to find out if we are having a baby boy or girl, but my husband wants a surprise.
8 March 2023 Ask Miriam
'My mother-in-law spoils my children'
Dear Miriam, my mother-in-law is spoiling my children; how can I ask her nicely to stop?
I’m struggling to support my wife
Dear Miriam, I’m struggling to support my wife and it is now affecting my mental health too.
1 March 2023 Ask Miriam
'My siblings won't help maintain our parents' grave'
Dear Miriam, all the work of maintaining the family graves is falling on my shoulders
22 February 2023 Ask Miriam
'I'm sick of waiting for my boyfriend to pop the question'
Dear Miriam, I have been with my boyfriend for five years, but he seems in no hurry to get engaged.
15 February 2023 Ask Miriam
Getting the guilt-trip over hiring a cleaner
Dear Miriam, my mother-in-law is making snide comments about the fact that I have hired a cleaner.
8 February 2023 Ask Miriam
‘I have concerns about a playdate’
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants to invite a friend to our home for a playdate, but I have some concerns.
1 February 2023 Ask Miriam
Too much screentime at granny’s
Dear Miriam, my mother-in-law relies too much on screentime when babysitting our son.
25 January 2023 Ask Miriam
My children are planning a surprise birthday; but I don’t want it
Dear Miriam, I don't want my children to organise a ‘surprise’ birthday party for me.
18 January 2023 Ask Miriam
‘We’re just engaged, but my future mother-in-law is already interfering’
Dear Miriam, I want to have a small wedding but my future mother-in-law has other ideas
11 January 2023 Ask Miriam
I don’t want my daughter to go to Australia
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants to go travelling in Australia; but I want her to stay at home.
4 January 2023 Ask Miriam