‘I have concerns about a playdate’
Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants to invite a friend to our home for a playdate, but I have some concerns.
25 January 2023 Ask Miriam
Too much screentime at granny’s
Dear Miriam, my mother-in-law relies too much on screentime when babysitting our son.
18 January 2023 Ask Miriam
My children are planning a surprise birthday; but I don’t want it
Dear Miriam, I don't want my children to organise a ‘surprise’ birthday party for me.
‘We’re just engaged, but my future mother-in-law is already interfering’
Dear Miriam, I want to have a small wedding but my future mother-in-law has other ideas
11 January 2023 Ask Miriam
I don’t want my daughter to go to Australia
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants to go travelling in Australia; but I want her to stay at home.
4 January 2023 Ask Miriam
‘I am single and feel so alone’
Dear Miriam, I am struggling with loneliness after the loss of my mother and this time of year can be very hard.
28 December 2022 Ask Miriam
Should I meet this new man for a coffee?
Dear Miriam, the spark has dulled in my relationship, but a new man is interested in me. Is it ok to meet for just a coffee?
14 December 2022 Ask Miriam
How can I support my bereaved friend at Christmas?
Dear Miriam, my friend lost her baby boy this year; how can I support her this Christmas?
7 December 2022 Ask Miriam
I want to spend Christmas with my own family
Dear Miriam, I want to spend Christmas with my own family, not with my in-laws.
30 November 2022 Ask Miriam
Friends have forgotten my loss
Dear Miriam, I’m still mourning the loss of my mother, but my friends seem to have moved on.
23 November 2022 Ask Miriam
Frozen out by clique in choir
Dear Miriam, I joined my local choir to sing, but do not feel very welcome.
16 November 2022 Ask Miriam
Exhausted and overwhelmed by the festive season
Dear Miriam, I am so exhausted by the time that Christmas arrives that I just can't enjoy it.
9 November 2022 Ask Miriam