London calling for Buff Egan
Mary Phelan
Christmas comes a few weeks early to Kilburn as Ireland’s most iconic hurling star crosses the Irish Sea to see the beautiful game in London.
20 September 2017 Features
The Marty magic
Ahead of the All-Ireland Ladies football final Marty Morrissey talks to Mary Phelan about his upbringing in New York and his favourite moment at the mike
13 September 2017 Careers
Wanted: Ambitious food and drink innovators
If you want to add an additional qualification to your CV while getting paid and gaining work experience at the same time, read on, writes Mary Phelan.
Get Limerick on your CV
If you want to develop a career in engineering or technology, Limerick is where it’s at, writes Mary Phelan.
13 September 2017 Careers
Queen of the Ploughing
Mary Phelan catches up with Anna May McHugh upon the release of her wonderful read, Queen of the Ploughing
13 September 2017 Features
Not going to uni? Try a traineeship
Monaghan Institute has two very interesting traineeships which combine classroom-based learning and work experience, writes Mary Phelan.
6 September 2017 Education
Taxi Watch
The idea that people who are already patrolling the streets at ungodly hours would also keep an eye out for vulnerable people is so outrageously logical it’s amazing nobody thought of it before now.
6 September 2017 Features
Housing hell
Two students tell Mary Phelan about their accommodation searches in Dublin and Limerick.
30 August 2017 Education
My accommodation hell
Yvonne Mullins has been forced to give up on Dublin and move to Meath, such is the dire state of accommodation in the capital, writes Mary Phelan.
30 August 2017 Education
The Tribesmen v The Deise
Mary Phelan catches up with former Galway and Waterford hurling greats to get their take on how proceedings will pan out on Sunday…
30 August 2017 Features
CAO 2017: The Results
With a revamped marking system and changes regarding how grades are converted into points, it's been an interesting year for everyone affected by the CAO writes Mary Phelan.
23 August 2017 Education
Chip king & queen
Una McDonagh might not be out partying in your local town on a Saturday night, but the Supermac’s owner knows more about rural nightlife than you might think, writes Mary Phelan
23 August 2017 Features