One Health: some home truths about antibiotic resistance
Tommy Heffernan
If we don’t start to use antibiotics differently, then it’s not just our animals’ health that will be affected, it’s our own and our families’, writes Tommy Heffernan.
29 January 2020 Breeding & health
One Health: getting the best results with vaccines
Using vaccines will reduce the need to use antibiotics by reducing the risk of disease outbreaks, writes Tommy Heffernan.
15 January 2020 Breeding & health
One Health: good biosecurity is vitally important
Biosecurity plays a key role in curtailing the spread of disease and, hence, can help reduce the need to use antibiotics, writes Tommy Heffernan.
Watch: One Health - the Importance of hygiene
By reducing exposure to bacteria, hygiene plays a key role in reducing the spread of infection and hence the use of antibiotics.
8 January 2020 Breeding & health
Healthy animals and happy farmers
As Tommy Heffernan heads for pastures new, he reflects on a great 16 months working as animal health specialist with the Irish Farmers Journal.
1 January 2020 Breeding & health
Health tips for flocks that are lambing early
A good start sets up lambs for a healthy and productive year ahead. Getting the simple things right makes all the difference.
27 December 2019 Breeding & health
Space – the final frontier in winter animal health
Getting winter housing right can make all the difference in cattle and sheep.
25 December 2019 Breeding & health
One health: working with your vet to reduce antibiotics
Vets and farmers working together can really make a difference around animal health and reducing antibiotic usage.
25 December 2019 Breeding & health
Watch: getting the best results from footbaths
Infectious lameness can be a problem at winter housing. Footbathing can help as part of an overall control plan.
25 December 2019 Breeding & health
Watch: increasing output and performance in a Cork dairy herd
Journal vet Tommy Heffernan caught up with the Project Engage farmers in Co Cork this week to see how the programme is progressing.
24 December 2019 Breeding & health
Planning ahead for spring animal health
Animal health plans can really make a difference for your farming businesses. They require time to sit down and work through them.
18 December 2019 Breeding & health
Is IBR vaccination worth considering this winter?
Having evidence to suggest a herd is free from IBR adds value when selling replacement stock to other herds.
17 December 2019 Breeding & health