Farmers at Keenan's open day on 18 June in Borris Co Carlow got to see the company's VA2-24S and its new MechFiber 380 diet feeders on demo with the InTouch control box fitted to both machines.

The new InTouch monitor fitted on all new Keenan diet feeders.

Both feeders are designed to suit large farmers, with the MechFiber 380 capable of feeding 150 dairy cows for 24 hours with one load.

The InTouch monitor ensures a consistent ration is created for the cows to ensure good rumen fermentation.

Modifying rations

It allows the farmer to modify rations to suit different types of stock.

Keenan nutritionists can also create rations for customers and send them remotely to the control box.

The feeder has its own website and Wi-Fi built into the controller from which the farmer presses a button to download the new ration.

The InTouch monitor guides farmers through all steps of the ration, ensuring that it is created exactly to its specification, eliminating errors.

The monitor also has a sim card installed, so all results of previous rations are fed back to the farmer and Keenan technicians.

This can help identify errors and allow small tweaks to be made to rations.

All previous diets are stored on the monitor, saving downtime and allowing for efficient mixing.

MechFiber 380 Diet Feeder

A Keenan MechFiber 380 at the demo.

The MechFiber 380 comes with oil bath drives, meaning the machine is capable of heavy work without any damage being caused to moving parts, helping to enhance the strength and reliability of the feeders.

New design features on the Mechfiber 380 have been optimised, with a new knife configuration based towards the feed out auger.

This ensures that all material is chopped uniformly without additional power being needed, with just a 120hp tractor required for the feeder.

VA2-24S Diet Feeder

A Keenan VA2-24S at the demo.

The VA2-24S is a relatively new machine, which has been created by Keenan in conjunction with the Italian brand Storti.

The capacity of the tub feeders ranges from 18cm3 to 44cm3, with twin auger models making up the VA2 range.

According to Keenan: “The VA2-24S feeder is of a new design. A now fully rounded tank with a wide based auger helps to improve mix quality.”

There is also multiple discharge options available on this model, with an elevator available to suit different feeding systems.

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