Krone has just launched its first solo bale wrapper, named the EasyWrap 150. The single-arm mounted design can be configured to work on either front or rear three-point linkage.

The single wrapping arm orbits around the bale at a speed of 36rpm, claiming to be the fastest single-arm wrapper on the market. Bales from 1m to 1.5m in size weighing up 1,600kg can be wrapped. Size adjustment is done manually.

Two drive rollers, one of which is smooth and the other corrugated, rotate the bale. Angle sensors monitor wrapping arm position to ensure consistent wrapping regardless of hydraulic flow speeds, according to Krone.

Wrap can be applied at 55% or 70% pre-stretch. The optional storage holder on board holds up to four rolls. This comes with integral lights and a control that operates the wrap dispensing and cutting mechanism as well as the wrapping arm.

The whole process is controlled using the DS 500 terminal. The operator simply inputs bale size and the number of wrap layers required.

An optional bale turner can be specified. This also serves as a sensor for an auto load feature. The whole wrapping process itself can be automated. Work and transport modes are easily selected from the cab. The EasyWrap 150 also has built in lights as standard for transport.

Krone says that this new wrapper offering will not remain the only solo wrapper in its product line-up and that more models are on the way.