Liffey Meats has appealed to protesters picketing outside its gates to “lift the blockades in the interest of everyone concerned”.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Liffey Meats said: “We have over 500 employees anxiously waiting to return to work, many of our 10,000 farmer suppliers who want to sell their cattle and over 400 customers throughout Europe and Ireland who are waiting on their delivery of Irish beef.”

We have seen no evidence that blockades at our plants are set to cease

The spokesperson said Liffey was taking calls “around the clock” from farmers who wanted to sell cattle and customers looking of deliveries.

There were also local and national suppliers to the business who relied on Liffey to keep them in business contacting the factory, according to the spokesperson.


“It is extremely disappointing that despite agreements reached in good faith with all farming organisations last weekend, we have seen no evidence that blockades at our plants are set to cease.

“We would appeal to the protesters to lift the blockades in the interest of all concerned and give the agreement a chance to work. This would allow us get the business moving again.”

The spokesperson said that customers were looking for alternative suppliers in Europe for their beef and that lost business would be very difficult to win back.

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