The Irish Limousin Cattle Society has moved to cancel the proposed special general meeting (SGM) that was to take place after the AGM on Wednesday night at 7pm in the Racket Hall Hotel, Roscrea, Co Tipperary.

There had been calls in recent days from a number of breeders for concerned members to attend the SGM and voice their concerns as to what direction the society was headed in.

Acting CEO Pat Mulvehill issued a letter to all members over the last few days stating that the proposed SGM could not go ahead based on legal advice taken by the Irish Limousin Cattle Society.

The purpose of the proposed SGM meeting was to consider - and if thought fit to adopt - the following two proposals:

  • 1. A motion to disband the present society council in its entirety be proposed and a new council to be elected by the members in accordance with the rules of the society.
  • 2. Arrange and select a committee to run the society affairs (temporarily) with office staff until the new council is elected and in office.
  • Rules

    Under the rules of the Irish Limousin Cattle Society, the membership of the Irish Limousin Cattle Society can request an SGM of the society provided the requisition is accompanied by signatures of at least 15% of the membership.

    The membership at the time of receiving the requisition was 2,479 members, so a minimum of 372 signatures were required for an SGM. The requisition document delivered to the society on 3 October included a list of 397 signatures.

    The society, after taking legal advice, commenced a validation exercise on the list of signatories, with the following results documented by the society:

  • 336 signatures verified as valid paid-up members.
  • 30 had requested that their name be removed or were not eligible to vote under the rules of the society.
  • 15 signed sheets had a different motion header and were excluded from the count.
  • Seven were inactive members and were excluded from the count.
  • Five had signed the list twice and their second entries excluded.
  • Four were not members of the society and are excluded.
  • This validation exercise confirmed that there was 336 valid signatures submitted, which fell short of the 15% requirement to have the SGM.

    The AGM of the Irish Limousin Cattle Society will still take place on Wednesday 16 November at 7pm.